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Father's Day

Father's Day
Model: ELM00003y
Elm by Name black and white images of York  pubs and landmarks  -  including York signs, York Minister , York pubs 10 x 10 cm hard wearing , hard board backed corkGreat gift for fathers day, birthday , anniversary ( maybe one of these pubs was a first date )  , or a souvenir..
Seller: Fiftyeleven Model: FEC21300Y
Multi wood or decorated CufflinksKite laminated cufflinks - made from Beech and MahoganyPyrography cufflinks - Hand carved from offcuts of various woods and then decorated with pyrography and occasionally paint...
Seller: Fiftyeleven Model: FEC15410Y
Individually carved Welsh Love Spoon, made from beech, around 3inches in size.Note: Each lovespoon is unique, if you want a specific one or would like one made for you, just get in touch...
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