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Seller: Ruthys Model: RUT00002
This adult shell crown made with hand dyed shells and recycled jewellery Others can  be made to order with your own choice of shells and colours ..
Seller: Pattern Passion Model: PPP 10001
A stylish scarf made from very fine silk. It is printed with a hand created design which has been digitally transferred, capturing the finest hand made details.This elegant and luxurious scarf goes equally well with jeans, formal outfits or evening wear , providing fashion as well as practicali..
Seller: Ruthys Model: RUT00001
Small childrens shell and autumn crowns on a hair comb  made to order with different style shells , autumnal materials and colour contact me for more info...
Seller: Fiftyeleven Model: FEC24200
Maple Wooden Hair Grip with beech and mahogany inlay..
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