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Wire Moon

Wire Moon
Whimsical and bohemian handcrafted copper and silver jewellery. Copper homewares, original paintings and drawings, printed tote bags.

Hi, I am Amanda, a visual artist and jewellery artisan based in Yorkshire

My work is inspired by nature and childhood memories of growing up in Malaysia's diverse and exotic landscape. I also make use of my knowledge of natural sciences that I learnt during my studies as a Biochemist, often referring to cellular patterns and shapes.

I have been making jewellery and for over 12 years. It started with a simple kit and a pair of pliers I received as a Christmas gift but has now turned into my passion and life’s work. I specialised in wirework for many years and concentrated on traditonal techniques using no glue, heat or solder. In 2019 my work started to evolve and I began experimenting with textiles, sheet metals and patinas. I adore working with copper and it is still my go to metal. I love it’s feel, colour and malleability. As I work to no preplanned pattern, my ideas evolve completely organically and spontaneously which enhances my experience of the creative process so no two pieces are ever the same.

My desire to create is driven by the process of learning and experimenting and this is very much the case in my visual art too. My art and paintings are also very much derived from nature, using abstract organic shapes and forms I work mainly on paper with inks or acrylic.

My jewellery has been featured in Vogue Magazine, Making Jewellery Magazine and I have exhibited jewellery and artwork in various exhibitions nationally including The Tetley Gallery Leeds and Walford Mills Craft and Design Centre Dorset. My artwork has also been published by Princeton University as part of their academic book collection on Ecology.  

For the last ten years I have worked in the field of Arts and Mental Health. I help many people use creativity to enhance and improve their wellbeing, supporting them to venture into the arts as a career or use it as a cathartic excercise. Being creative can have huge benefits on how we feel and my own work as an artist and jeweller is incredibly beneficial to me.

Commission work is very welcome. Please contact us for more information.

Hope you enjoy browsing my store!

Seller: Wire Moon Model: AEB60004L
'1950's Abstract' Two original abstract collages which have been created using original ink drawings and inked paper. The geometric design features bold colours with hand drawn patterns. These originals can be bought separately or as a pair. Each one is presented in a soft white mount, sealed in a c..
Abstract Landscape Painting - Original Ink On Paper Framed Abstract Landscape Painting - Original Ink On Paper Framed
2-3 Days
Seller: Wire Moon Model: AEB60001H
Fluid Dynamics (2019) An original ink on paper abstract landscape. With soft diffused washes in black, olive green and dark purple it is a simple understated piece that would suit any interior.This piece is ready to hang and is framed and finished in a soft white mount and chunky white frame. (Pleas..
Seller: Wire Moon Model: AEB60008L
'The Gathering'Original layered 3d Ink drawing of finches on a branch in a monochromatic red colour palette. The pieces are finished in a soft white mount and framed in chunky white box frames. (Please note: this listing is for the originals and NOT printed versions of the pieces.)Size: 9 x 9 inches..
Seller: Wire Moon Model: AEB60009L
'Blue Abstract in Three Parts' Original ink drawings on paper inspired by womanhood, birth and the womb. Each painting has been finished in a soft white mount and is framed in a chunky white box frame.  These paintings were part of a series that was exhibited at the Linea Exhibition in Leeds ..
Seller: Wire Moon Model: AEB60007L
Marine Garden I and IIOriginal ink paintings depicting serene underwater abstract scenes. Black and white cellular drawings sit ontop of soft washes in turquoise and touches of red. The pieces are ready to hang and have been finished in a soft white mount and framed in dark wood box frames. (Pleas..
Seller: Wire Moon Model: AEB10001L
Agate Mixed Bangle SetThese pretty simple silver bangles have a selection of natural gemstones including Labrodorite, Agates, and sterling silver beads.  Each bangle has been handmade from scratch using silver filled wire, which is strengthened and hardened, aged and then polished.*Silver fille..
Seller: Wire Moon Model: AEB20006L
Malachite Slice NacklaceI love making statement necklaces that are daring and bold. I believe that jewellery should reflect the interesting and unique indivuiduals we all are. As I work to no pre planned pattern, each design I make is completely unique. This statement necklace features a beautiful M..
Anniversary Copper Heart Earrings - torched red and black
Sold Out
Seller: Wire Moon Model: AEB00003L
These handcrafted earrings have been made from copper wire and copper sheet that has been flame torched to give a mix of patinas from red to black. The heart shape design makes them perfect for an anniversary gift to a loved one...
Seller: Wire Moon Model: AEB60012L
Meditation DrawingsThese fun and simple line drawings are finished in a soft white mount and ready to be framed. Each piece is presented in a clear cellophane sleeve for protection.Four colours/ designs to choose from. (Please note: this listing is for the originals and NOT printed versions of the..
Seller: Wire Moon Model: AEB60010L
Seed Heads Two original ink and pen paintings on paper that can be bought as a pair or separately. The paintings depict detailed coloured dandelion seed heads against a soft wash of purple/lilac.  Each piece has been finished in a white mount and comes presented in a cellophane sleeve to prot..
Seller: Wire Moon Model: AEB60011L
Twilight Woods I and II Original ink paintings with delicate drawings of white trees against a blackened night sky. The pieces are finished in a soft white mount and ready to be framed. Each piece is presented in a clear cellophane sleeve for protection.These orginals can be bought separately or a..
Seller: Wire Moon Model: AEB70003L
Trees for LifeThese lovely printed Tote Bags are 100% cotton, ethically produced and AZO Free.Trees for Life was an original painting that was part of my Naturata Exhibition in Leeds. Perfect for nature lovers and environmentalists, the painting featured on the front depicts tree braches and leaves ..
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