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Seller: Ruthys
Made to order adult shell crown contact me for more details..
Seller: Ruthys Model: RUT00002
This adult shell crown made with hand dyed shells and recycled jewellery Others can  be made to order with your own choice of shells and colours ..
Seller: Ruthys Model: RUT00014
Have your own exotic animal in jar for display purposes only not dishwasher safe.Please contact me for other animals you want to bottle...
Seller: Ruthys Model: RUT00006
Collection of hand crafted festival wear please contact me for pricesThey range from as little as £6 to £40 can be made to your own style and colours...
Seller: Ruthys Model: Rut00015
Crowe shell bracelet in various colours..
Seller: Ruthys Model: RUT00015
Hand stitched felt fried egg £2 each or £10 for half a dozen.Ideal for a Easter present ..
Seller: Ruthys Model: RUT00013
Festival ready shopping trolly made with some fake flowers that have been found at various festival made to order  can be made in any colour or trolly type. Please contact me for more info...
Seller: Ruthys Model: Ruthy
Customised mermaid bra contact me for more details ..
Seller: Ruthys Model: Rut
Custom mermaid bras made to order contact me for more details ..
Seller: Ruthys Model: RUT00004
Make your own craft seed packet includes seeds, pens, sticker and craft sheet that you can colour cut out and stick yourself.Packs availed are Grown your own magic beanswild bee seeds thank you seed pack...
Seller: Ruthys Model: RUT00012
Hand painted scallops shells can be hand painted with any design.Feel free to contact me for more info..
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