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Silver Jewellery from York based independent jeweller

I retired in 2008 after 40 years in the commercial jewellery trade. I spent those years both manufacturing and repairing jewellery for the majority of the high street jewellery chains throughout the North East.

Retiring into Yorkshire made all the difference. I got rid of all my mass production machines and techniques and concentrated on hand making. I now hand make everything.
Everything labelled as Sterling Silver is at least 92.5% pure silver. All earring wires and backs are sterling silver. Each individual piece is hand cut using the traditional jewellers tools. Even each earring of a pair is individually pierced so you know that they have been hand made for you.

Enjoy browsing round the shop.

We are gradually replacing our silver stocks with Eco-Silver (Reclaimed). This only uses silver which is reclaimed from old and broken items. The environmental impact of mining silver is considerable and this policy will help reduce that. All Eco-Silver is of hallmarking quality.


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