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Papercuts By Bethanie

Papercuts By Bethanie

Intricately designed Papercuts by Bethanie from maps to cards, paperweights to cake toppers.

Born in Portsmouth, went to university in Norwich, and now based in Leeds. Along with her ethnic background, locations naturally became an important part of her life. Bespoke maps are also available making them perfect for gifts and souvenirs

Totally handcut intricate designs guaranteeing a one of a kind papercut, no laser cutter in sight!

Other popular designs include bikes or fish framed wall art, as well as Congratulations and valentines cards. The new wedding range includes cake toppers. Along with a calligraphy service.

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Seller: Papercuts By Bethanie Model: YEO15003L
A handcut papercut placed in a clear coaster. As the coaster is clear, the background for the artwork is your choice!Each coaster has 4 rubber feet on the bottom so that it does not slide or damage the surface it is on.Wipe Clean only...
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