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Seller: Dreamweaving Dreamcatchers Model: DRE00017L
Upcycled large lampshade in rich dark luxury velvets with 8 individual smaller dreamcatchers attached, along with golden webs, tassels and crystal clear or coloured beads to capture the light a truly indulgent bespoke piece....Shade Dimensions - Base width 57cm top width 28cm height 42cm without sta..
Seller: Dreamweaving Dreamcatchers Model: DRE00016
Narnia inspired lampshade. Upcycled lampshade with white velvets, sparkles and a weaved in web which creates a pattern when the light is switched on  adds a touch of magic to any room - one off piece (Size to be added)Lampshades can be commissioned if you'd like a certain size or colour - Table..
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Seller: Dreamweaving Dreamcatchers Model: DRE00021
These delightful dreamcatchers have an added extra surprise within the web, on an evening time see them twinkle. They make a wonderful addition to any bedroom or room and for children especially the act as a nightlight and give off a soft glow. They are battery powered by small circular flat batteri..
Seller: Twenty Watt Lampshades Model: TWS00002
Twenty Watt loves Liberty prints. They manage to transport you away somewhere warm and floral yet are able to remain fresh and contemporary.This shade features a vibrant green Tana Lawn print with a pale green cotton trim  and is the only one available. It would be perfect for a bedside table o..
Seller: Twenty Watt Lampshades Model: TWS00001
Twenty Watt loves stamps and their post marks.This lampshade has been handmade using individual used Royal Mail stamps, 279 to be precise, and finished with a dark grey trim. Each shade is a one off piece and is sure to make a statement.20cm diameter and 21cm in height. (Other sizes are available.)D..
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