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Seller: Bluebell Beading Model: BBB22000L
This item would make a lovely gift for anyone. The mug is covered with a crocheted jacket, which not only makes the mug unique, but also keeps the drink warmer for longer. It fastens with buttons. If you would like a particular colour mug jacket, please contact the seller. ..
Seller: Bluebell Beading Model: BBB23000L
This mug with a crocheted jacket would make a lovely pocket money gift for anyone. The jacket is hand crocheted, and is embellished with buttons to make it that little bit more unique. If you would like a mug jacket making in a particular colour or design, then please contact the seller..
Seller: Rubbish Seaside Model: RUB30001l
Want to foster a sense of innate kinship and esprit de corps across a Leeds based office? Or maybe you’d prefer to strike fear into the hearts of colleagues hailing from beyond the LS postcodes? Either way, this fine-looking 10oz mug is what you’re after and should leave your colleagues in absol..
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