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Decorative Accessories

Decorative Accessories
Seller: My Little Craft Corner Model: ela00082L
wooden box vintage roses,  4 napkin wooden ring set, with matching box to store them, high gloss varnish used to cover the top of box , also 3d varnish on roses..
Seller: Dreamweaving Dreamcatchers Model: DRE00036L
Small pendant dreamcatcher made by Dreamweaving-Drramcatchers with lava beads and a Amber Reisin gemstoneAn holistic dreamcatcher with added healing benefits add your favourite essential oil to the lava beads, natural lava beads are porous, simply add a drop or two of oil to each bead to diffuse and..
Art ,Jimi Hendrix Limited Edition Print,HALF PRICE
2-3 Days
Seller: Jewels Model: JWS10007L
REDUCED was £135.00Jimi Hendrix Limited Edition Print. My inspiration is the energy of his music, I tried to create this with dynamic marks and movement...
Art, small framed heart
2-3 Days
Seller: Jewels Model: JWS10003L
Art, part of my ‘Love Conquers All ‘Collection ..
Seller: Jewels Model: JWS 50000L
Limited edition print, limited to 100 with certificate of authenticity, dated, numbered and signed by the artist. Part of the ‘Love Conquers All Collection’...
Seller: Jewels Model: JWS10000L
HALF  PRICE was £80.00This is a limited edition print, limited to 100, signed, numbered,dated and with a certificate of authenticity.My inspiration was the fabulous grounds at Harewood House, Leeds.The image of two Best  friends, framed by an avenue of trees. One of the friends ..
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