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Seller: La Piel Botanical Model: LPB0022
A rich handmade soap with purely natural ingredients ..
Seller: La Piel Botanical Model: LPB0007
Use morning & night to cleanse the face & remove makeup. Hydrating & smoothing with precious oils of neroli & sweet orange.Massage over the skin to break down toxins & boost circulation.Vegan & cruelty free made with natural botanical oils & extracts...
Model: LPB0001
Lemon, lime, cypress & juniper berry blended to cleanse & heal the skin morning & evening.  Antibacterial blend.  ..
Seller: La Piel Botanical Model: LPB0017
Uplifting aromas of fresh citrus awaken the mind while rich oils of jojoba, moringa & sea buckthorn hydrate & soothe the skin. Vegan & cruelty free blended with natural oils & essential oils ..
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