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Marie Bell, Jewels.

I am a Leeds based Artist who produces one off Art, limited edition prints and eco art.

My inspiration varies depending on the time of year, currently I am using nature as my 

main inspiration, combining this with the use of items we normally put in the bin.

My collection is ironically called ‘Beautiful World’ to drawn attention to what we waste and how this can become something of beauty.

I have a distinctive style which I hope is full of energy and colour in these difficult times.

Seller: Jewels Model: JWS10007
REDUCED was £135.00Jimi Hendrix Limited Edition Print. My inspiration is the energy of his music, I tried to create this with dynamic marks and movement...
Seller: Jewels Model: JWS10003
Art, part of my ‘Love Conquers All ‘Collection ..
Seller: Jewels Model: JWS 50000
Limited edition print, limited to 100 with certificate of authenticity, dated, numbered and signed by the artist. Part of the ‘Love Conquers All Collection’...
Seller: Jewels Model: JWS10000
HALF  PRICE was £80.00This is a limited edition print, limited to 100, signed, numbered,dated and with a certificate of authenticity.My inspiration was the fabulous grounds at Harewood House, Leeds.The image of two Best  friends, framed by an avenue of trees. One of the friends w..
Seller: Jewels Model: JWS 20000
HALF PRICE, this was £80.00This is a limited edition print, limited to 100, signed, dated, numbered and with a certificate of authenticity.the inspiration was the fabulous grounds and trees at the Harewood Estate, Leeds.This Art work is very much in my style of ‘dynamic equivalent’ in other words my..
Seller: Jewels Model: JWS10004 JWS
Large Framed Art work, one off multi media.part of my ‘Love Conquers All Collection’ The image represents fragments of our lives coming together to form a symbol of love...
Seller: Jewels Model: JWS10003
Part of my love conquers all collection...
Seller: Jewels Model: JWS10014
2 for 5.00, greeting cards various designs available. ..
Seller: Jewels Model: JWS 10006
Art, this is part of my ‘Beautiful World’ collection, bird image made entirely of drinks cans...
Seller: Jewels Model: JWS 10009
Art, dragon fly, this is part of my ‘Beautiful World ‘ collection.Made from drinks cans and beads. Outside size of the frame is 33 cm...
Seller: Jewels Model: JWS 10005
Art, flower image, up cycled tin with original art back ground...
Seller: Jewels Model: JWS 10002
Multi media, original art image as part of my ‘Beautiful World’ collection...
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