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JAF Designs

JAF Designs

Silver and gemstone jewellery in both contemporary and gothic styles

JAF design and make silver and gemstone jewellery in both contemporary and gothic styles.

Using traditional silver smithing, wire wrapping and knitted techniques.

Colourful, hand painted and dyed aluminium jewellery and silver plated gemstone and resin cufflinks.

Custom orders welcome working with clients to create unique jewellery designs.

From pendants and bracelets to wedding & engagement rings, and anything in between!

With a hallmark registered at the Goldsmiths Hall, London, JAF is a member of the Guild of Jewellery Designers.

Seller: JAF Designs Model: JAF40001
Bangle Wide Aluminium Cuff Bangle by JAF Designs, handpainted, dyed and shaped cuff bangle. Bangles can be made to order, please state your favourite colour and I can custom make for you...
Seller: JAF Designs Model: JAF10029
Colourful  Aluminium Rings, adjustable aluminium rings, handpainted dyed and shaped...
Seller: JAF Designs Model: JAF30015
Exquisite Sterling Silver dreamcatcher pendant by JAF Designs with a beautiful gemstone and sterling silver feathers.A beautiful eyecatching design, perfect for any occassion. Match up with the dreamcatcher earrings for a stunning look!Handcrafted from sterling silver wire and a 6mm gemstone using t..
Seller: JAF Designs Model: JAF20020
Eye-catching Sterling Silver dreamcatcher earrings with gemstone and sterling silver feathers by JAF Designs.Complete your look with these stunning eye-catching earrings, perfect for any occassion.Pair them with the dreamcatcher pendant for that wow factor!Handcrafted from sterling silver wire and a..
Seller: JAF Designs Model: JAF50004
Cufflinks Gemstone, Silver plated or Gold Plated Oval Cufflinks with a 13mmx18mm Gemstone by JAF DesignsHandmade stylish cufflinks with a genuine gemstone,18x13mm that I have set in a silver plated swivel bar cufflink with decorative claws or a decorative milligrain cup.  Please state whi..
Seller: JAF Designs Model: JAF20001
Sterling silver small gemstone drops, various gemstones, including mother of pearl, amethyst, onyx..
Seller: JAF Designs Model: JAF10028
Sterling silver textured wire stacker, wave shape or plain crafted from 2mm sterling silver by JAF Designs.Please state size required when ordering. Rings made to order...
Seller: JAF Designs Model: JAF10008
Stylish and texturised sterling silver stacker ring  by JAF Designs,Handcrafted solid silver skinny stacker ring, 1mm wire and textured using a rolling mill with various textures created using leaves, cardboard, onion or fruit bags and lace or with a texturing hammer. Each ring has it's own uni..
Seller: JAF Designs Model: JAF30013
Contemporary Glitzy Heart Pendant Choker by JAF DesignsStand out from the crowd in an eye-catching heart pendant, ideal for all occassions.The heart pendant is silver or brass plated painted with swirls of fantasy art paint and glitter, which is set in a clear resin, each one is uniquely differ..
Seller: JAF Designs Model: JAF50005
Resin art cufflinks,  15mm round silver plated cufflinks, handpainted resin cufflinksQuirky hanpainted cufflinks, the cufflinks are silver plated and I  use acrylic paints and resin to create a raised glass effect for my designs. The designs are very organic and each one is slightly differ..
Seller: JAF Designs Model: JAF50002
Steampunk cufflinks by JAF DesignsStriking steampunk cufflinks, the cufflinks are silver plated or a gun metal colour plate with vintage watch parts, these have beeen placed into the cufflink base and encased in resin to create a polished and raised glass effect for the design. Available in a 1..
Seller: JAF Designs Model: JAF10014
Sterling silver and Hematite double spinner ring by JAF DEsigns, stunningly gorgeous statement ring to be treasured forever.Made in my home studio from 0.9mm sterling silver this ring is 12mm wide and texturised with a star design using a rolling mill on the inner ring. I have flared the ring on eit..
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