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Dalia Botanique

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Dalia Botanique's Orange Blossom water helps to protect dry and mature skin.Orange Blossom water is silky smooth for the skin, helping to encourage vibrant, healthy skin that glows and is full of vitality. Orange Blossom Floral Water blends exceptionally well with Lavender and Rose.100ml..
Seller: Dalia Botanique Model: DAB00011L
Dalia Botanique's  Chamomile water is Soothing, relaxing and calming for the skin. Chamomile Water is produced as a result of the production of Roman chamomile oil production. Uses Chamomile water is soothing and relaxing. Ideal for use in a facial or hair toner aimed at soothing irritated ..
Seller: Dalia Botanique Model: DAB00010L
Grown and distilled in the UK on a Lavender farm. Lavender water is an excellent tonic on the skin when you have blemishes, uneven skin tone or mild acne. The antibacterial properties help to kill bacteria in the skin and the toning natural goes deep down into the pores without clogging. Lavende..
Seller: Dalia Botanique Model: DAB00013L
Direct from the Bulgarian Valley of Roses, Bulgarian Rose Water is soothing, stimulates the regeneration of the skin, hydrating, refreshing and naturally fragrant. The Original and most exquisite of all floral waters. Rose Floral Water is a beautiful hydrolat that is elegant and soothing to th..
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