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Welcome To Fabrication Leeds

Our lovely Leeds shop is on Albion Street in Leeds just down from Waterstones.
We're Covid prepared and ready for you to come and visit.
You can now order online and arrange to collect at your convenience
Seller: Ages Of Elegance Model: AOE50012L
Dark Chocolate sugar free chocolate bar, suitable for diabetics, and vegans..
Ex Tax:£2.70
Seller: Bluebell Beading Model: BBB23000L
This mug with a crocheted jacket would make a lovely pocket money gift for anyone. The jacket is hand crocheted, and is embellished with buttons to make it that little bit more unique. These mugs would make a lovely and useful gift for anyone.THE MUGS ARE AVAILABLE FOR CLICK & COLLECT ONLYIf you..
Ex Tax:£6.50
Seller: Leeds Refills Model: LEE00051L
This handy travel and on-the-go cutlery is made of steel and comprises of a fork and small knife edge, on one of the prongs, one side and a spoon on the other. So no need to carry a full cutlery set anymore! It also cleans much easier in the dishwasher!..
Ex Tax:£3.00
Seller: Ages Of Elegance Model: AOE50000L
Handmade luxury chocolate shards in a dark, milk and white chocolate in a variety of flavours. Available in 150g size.Available in store only, or as click and collect..
Ex Tax:£3.80
Seller: Leeds Refills Model: LEE00058L
Packs of coffee brought to you in home compost packaging with no plastic in sight...
Ex Tax:£4.00
Seller: Leeds Refills Model: LEE00057L
Chewing gum is usually made in a form of plastic with plenty of sugar in it. SImply this chewsy chewing gum is made plastic-free and sugar freeIngredients:Xylitol, chicle, gum arabic, natural flavour, sunflower lecithin, carnauba wax..
Ex Tax:£1.00
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