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Seller: Dreamweaving Dreamcatchers Model: DRE00063Y
This small sparkly dreamcatcher makes a perfect gift for all. Its also fits in to wherever it would like to be these look great too in cars and remind the driver to never stop dreaming..... these can be made to order too if you'd like a different colour. These are 5cm circles and approx 10cm in leng..
Ex Tax:£8.00
Seller: Twice Fired Model: KEP10034L
Blue Seedhead fused glass bowlFused glass bowl with a hand printed Seedhead design and individually made fused glass embellishments. 10cmx10cm..
Ex Tax:£20.00
Seller: Gembobs Model: gem11122y
Add a finishing touch to your bedroom with this adorable cute boho moon cushion with a pom pom trim. (If wanted)Handmade from  fabric that's unique, it’s super cute, very soft and comes filled with a comfy cushioning. Will be made using a range of different fabrics - no two moons will be the ..
Ex Tax:£12.00
Seller: Dreamweaving Dreamcatchers Model: DRE00050Y
*Limited Editions* This delightful hand crafted piece is currently in our Leeds shop a bespoke one of a kind. Native American's believed the butterfly to be a symbol of change, joy and colour and a miracle of transformation. There's also an old English proverb about the caterpillar just when it thou..
Ex Tax:£35.00
Seller: Pattern Passion Model: PPP20003Y
These vibrant ceramic coasters are adorned with a beautiful hand painted botanical heart pattern lovingly created by Preeti. They are a perfect welcoming gift or for your cozy home. They are the cherry on top for your coffee/tea bar and more. They are heat and water resistant which is a bonus. They ..
Ex Tax:£5.00
Ceramic Hare
Out Of Stock
Seller: Boyne-Whitelegg Pottery Model: CBW00001Y
A handmade Clay Hare.  Approx 13 x 11cms.  Brown, light orange & cream.  Made in Heworth, York...
Ex Tax:£72.00
Seller: Kemp Arts Model: LWK21802y
**NOT AVAILABLE FOR POSTAGE** -click & collect or instore only 26X26CMcircle frame (small)An arrangement of slip cast 'circle' pots in a box style frame. displayed in a 3x3 pattern of circles. A modern 3d ceramic wall art. The circles are cast individually by hand and finished with a clear ..
Ex Tax:£28.00
Seller: Dreamweaving Dreamcatchers Model: DRE00092Y
A cheerful daisy dreamcatcher to brighten up your day. ..
Ex Tax:£12.50
Seller: Dreamweaving Dreamcatchers Model: DRE00091Y
A cheerfully bright daisy Dreamcatcher. ..
Ex Tax:£16.00
Dreamcatchers (5cm circle) Dreamcatchers (5cm circle)
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Seller: Dreamweaving Dreamcatchers Model: DRE00006H
Theses smaller Dreamcatchers come in a variety of colours the one. There are many more to be made some are of which will be or are in both Leeds and York shops at the moment.... Here's a few photos of various designs and colours to have a look at. These make lovely little gifts and are so light too...
Ex Tax:£10.00
Seller: Gembobs Model: gem11114y
This banner is made with coloured floral cotton fabric. Each fabric pennant is double sided with the floral material and is strung along with a simple floral ribbon.This bunting made with 8 flags.If you have specific requirements please let us know! We are happy to accommodate. Please just send me a..
Ex Tax:£11.00
Lava Beads and Gemstones Diffuser Dreamcatchers
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Seller: Dreamweaving Dreamcatchers Model: DRE00002H
Small Dreamcatcher with lava beads and a gemstone.    An holistic dreamcatcher with added healing benefits add your favourite essential oil to the lava beads, natural lava beads are porous, simply add a drop or two of oil to each bead to diffuse and enjoy the aromatherapy benefits and..
Ex Tax:£14.50
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