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Girleen Giftware

Girleen Giftware
Square shaped Love  greeting card
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Seller: Girleen Giftware Model: GGW00001
Hand made, original, square shaped greeting card, featuring a cut out heart shape, with the word love.Each card measures approximately 14.8cm x 14.8cm and is made from premium, white, hammered card.A range of cards are available for a number of different occasions. Gift tags available, too.Warning -..
Yorkshire saying, medium sized sign It'll be reet!
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Seller: Girleen Giftware Model: GGW00005
Handmade, unique rectangular plaque, complete with hanging string.Each plaque measures approximately decorated in vinyl with the wording 'It'll be reet!'Plaques with other wording, and different sizes, are available too.Warning - not suitable for children due to hangi..
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