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Apply to be a FAB seller

By Nigel Turner - 27 Feb 2023 191 0 comments

Fabrication Crafts currently own two city centre retail outlets, one on Coney street ,York city centre and our Leeds city centre shop on Briggate .

All of our sellers contribute to the rental and running costs of the shops through paying for their space in the shop, paying commission on sales and through working on the shop floor.

We are always looking for new sellers and will consider all new seller applications although it is dependant on the type of products you are wanting to sell and their current availability in the shops.

For more detailed information on seller requirements, costings etc and to apply to sell through Fabrication you will need to open a new ticket on our support site.
n the help topics drop down select "how to apply to be a seller" you will be required to read information regarding Fabrication Crafts and to submit a form outlining some basic details about yourselves and the items you are wanting to sell.

The reason we use this system is to ensure that requests are logged and dealt with by our admin and support team in a structured fashion.