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Beth Kilburn

Beth Kilburn

Artist specialising in pencil work, acrylic miniatures & handmade jewellery.

A Leeds based artist with a fascination for all things miniature, Beth preserves her tiny illustrations under clear resin to make unique and charismatic jewellery pieces.

Each image captures her affection for funny little characters and sensitive eye for detail.

Prints from original pen and ink illustrations, adorn pendants, rings and brooches, as well as one of a kind hand-painted wooden designs.

Each piece is carefully glazed by hand using thermosetting resin, to create a smooth, hard-wearing finish.

With designs based on local scenes, animals and florals for truly original artwork for home or to wear. Alongside colourful, quirky jewellery pieces, using pressed flowers, fabrics, wood, beads.

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Portraiture enquiries welcome!

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