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Anachronalia specialises in hand bound books and accessories, with a focus on one-off creations.

Making everything from practical notebooks to book charms, infused with a love for historical detailing. Inspired by history but not bound by it.

Books can be customised, or made to order if you are after a specific size. Maybe you have your own story you would like bound if so get in touch.

Linette is also our bookbinding class tutor in our workshop

Seller: Anachronalia Model: ANA20045
A case bound notebook in rich black duchess satin, decorated with recycled jewelry. Featuring cream laid paper end papers and 80 gsm pale blue pages. One-off design. ..
Seller: Anachronalia Model: ANA10045
A case bound notebook in matt dark blue bookcloth, featuring bright turquoise floral endpapers, brass corners and 80 gsm pale blue pages. One-off design. ..
Seller: Anachronalia Model: ANA10018
Hand sewn with undyed linen thread, and parchment effect cover with a 16th Century woodcut design on. 48 pages of 80gsm paper. Available in three options: Paper maker with squared paper, Printer with lined paper, or bookbinder with blank paper...
Seller: Anachronalia Model: ANA10010
A letterpress printed set of 5 bookplates on off-white laid paper. Original artwork by Anachronalia inspired by the inventive curses written into monastic texts in the middle ages...
Seller: Anachronalia Model: ANA10016
An illuminated design on cream laid paper, with a hand stamped envelope, and string for tying shut.Inspired by historical methods for securing post, this letter set comes pre-folded and cut to allow you to sew it shut. The set includes paper, string, envelope, and instructions on how to seal y..
Seller: Anachronalia Model: ANA10040
Stab Stitched notebook sewn with natural linen, with gold foiled endpapers and covered in a bright apple-green book cloth. Hand stamped with a leaf design.  Due to the handmade nature of this product it may vary slightly from the photos...
Seller: Anachronalia Model: ANA20002
Inspired by the Nag Hammadi Codices that date back to the 3rd Century  but updated for modern use. This notebook features brass coloured goat leather exterior, making this a handy collectors sketch book as you can tuck loose pages in and keep them safe with the side ties. The pages are sewn in ..
Seller: Anachronalia Model: ANA10027
Hand sewn cut flush notebook with 52 parchment effect pages and sewn together with hand dyed linen thread. The woodcut cover image dates to the 15th Century and shows a couple in fashionable dress...
Seller: Anachronalia Model: ANA10004
Inspired by the quirky images found in the margins of medieval manuscripts these hard back case bound books feature a hand drawn copy of real medieval marginalia in the centre of every sewn section and a freehand drawn marginalia image in foil on the front cover. The remaining pages are blank. The e..
Seller: Anachronalia Model: ANA10001
A handmade miniature book with end papers showing part of the 1577 county map of Yorkshire by Christopher Saxton. Held shut with a twisted linen cord. Jump ring is sterling silver. Comes in a reusable and recyclable aluminium gift tin. Please note that as these are handmade they may vary slightly fr..
Seller: Anachronalia Model: ANA20052
Miniature clipboard for your tiny to do lists or daily reminders. Covered in navy leather-look fabric and Italian decorative paper and finished with a rose gold coloured clip. Paper included. Size without clip: 45mm x 72mm..
Seller: Anachronalia Model: ANA20027
Hand sewn cut flush notebook with 52 parchment effect pages and sewn together with hand dyed linen thread. The cover image features a border image from a Victorian copy of Shakespeare's works and the quote is taken from the First Folio Edition of Much Ado About Nothing, printed 1623...
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